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If you're considering selling your dealership or working through a dispute, Dealership Valuation Services offers comprehensive valuations to empower you in making informed decisions based on facts.

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  • Our extensive business experience is complemented by our outstanding achievements in supporting the success of dealerships.
  • We possess an innate understanding of the sales, parts, and service business model, as well as the intricate dynamics of the Manufacturer-Dealer-Customer supply chain.
  • We are grateful for the robust business relationships and global connections we have cultivated.
  • We remain a valuable asset to dealers worldwide.

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We take time to learn about you, your business, your team, your industry and of course, your needs & goals.


We dive in to extensive research about your business, competitors, industry, suppliers, customers and how they all interact to form the current market conditions.


We provide you with a substantiated report that is easy to understand and clearly states the value with well supported facts.


Our goal is to meet your needs efficiently and effectively so that you can use the valuation and continue managing your business. We remain ready to support your report with expert witness testimony if it is ever necessary.

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About Laura Lemco

President - Dealership Valuation Services, LLC

Laura Lemco grew up in her parents’ Honda, Suzuki and Harley-Davidson dealership.  When her father, Ed Lemco, started Lemco & Associates, consulting with motorcycle dealerships across the US and eventually across the globe, Laura worked with him in varying capacities including F&I sales and building membership in industry peer groups. When Ed returned to retail, Laura took over the consulting business. 

Laura became most interested in analyzing financials and operations to drive improvements.

Laura developed her expertise in developing appraisals to assist dealerships in transitions, succession planning, tax matters and dispute resolution. 

Laura is an Accredited Member with the American Society of Appraisers and a Certified Valuation Analyst with the National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts.

As an accredited appraiser, Laura is qualified to work with all types of businesses and enjoys working with local business owners in Central Oregon as well as dealerships across the United States and globally.

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  • If you're still in the planning stage, an Appraisal Report can provide a deep-dive analysis to help you understand the current value, its historical development, and strategies to drive it higher in the future.
  • If you need a listing price, we can connect you with experienced brokers who can help you value your dealership for sale.
  • For disputes, tax filings, or finance applications, an accredited Appraisal Report usually meets court, IRS, or SBA requirements.
  • If you are preparing a succession plan, your CPA or attorney may request an Appraisal Report that conforms to the Uniform Standard of Professional Appraisal Practice.

We take confidentiality very seriously! We do not share your information. We do not talk about our clients or engagements. Unless a client writes a review and gives us permission to share their name, we don't!  You will not see a list of past clients on this website.  


How much does an appraisal cost?

There are 3 levels of valuation reports.

  • Calculation of Value: Standard fee of $7,500. 
  • Restricted Use Appraisal Report: Typically $12,500
  • Appraisal Report: Starting at $15,000

How long does the process take?

We usually complete our valuation engagements in 3 to 4 weeks. Completion time depends on the availability and quality of information that the client provides.  We will discuss the delivery date with you before signing an engagement letter.

What is required from the business owner?

We provide you with a documents request list. Most items are what you would expect - financial statements and business information.  Once we do an initial analysis, we schedule a management interview. From time to time we may have questions, but we are sensitive to your time!

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