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Know Your Dealership’s Value

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DVS performs a thorough analysis of financials and operations to provide you with a clear, substantiated appraisal report.

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Appraisal Plus

AppraisalPlus is a “needs analysis” with teeth. It is a powerful tool to help you accomplish your objectives.

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DealerAccel Engine™

DealerAccel Engine™ is our exclusive program for dealership improvement and long-term success.

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Let's Create a Game Plan

We work closely with each business and individual circumstance to assess your current situation. We look at sales and operations track records, implemented processes, and many other factors in our analysis. Utilizing our extensive experience in dealership ownership, sales and operations consulting, and ownership transition assistance, we are able to look at your business with the depth and breadth needed to not only fully evaluate the dealership and determine its true worth, but to offer suggestions, creative game plans, and new perspective to help your dealership thrive.

Getting and understanding your dealership’s number doesn’t have to be reserved as a life vest for a dire situation. We aim to help you leverage the data behind that number as a checkpoint that can uncover opportunities to increase your business’ value and the overall health of your operations from every angle, making you a force to be reckoned with in your market. And more importantly, we’ll be there with you every step of the way. ​

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Determining the Value of Your Dealership

What Appraisers Learn From Your Financials

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