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Dealership business appraisals meet long-term and short-term needs

Shoutout to Dealers!

Long-Term Objectives

If you are like most Dealer Principals that I know, you can get caught in The Swirl and lose sight of the ultimate goal – growing the value of your dealership!  Someday you will want to transition – to the next generation or through a sale.  How can you intentionally build value? Start with an appraisal – know where you are and understand the key factors that will drive greater value.  DVS does a deep-dive analysis to understand what goes on inside your dealership, and the factors outside the dealership that affect performance.  Your dealership is likely your greatest asset. Know its ValueChart Your Course toward long-term growth in value.

Short-Term Objectives

Do you have an immediate need?  Gift Tax Return? Estate Tax Return? SBA funding? Court matter?  Laura Lemco is an accredited appraiser with two national organizations and qualified to perform appraisals for matters involving the IRS, courts, SBA and other lenders. Laura has also served as an expert witness for dealership operation matters.  Please do not wait until the last minute.  Call today for a free, confidential consultation!



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